Are Lemurs Meant to be Pets?

Are Lemurs Meant to be Pets?

            Have you ever wanted to keep an exotic animal as a pet? Many people do, but that doesn’t make it right to keep one, such as the lemur. It’s still a growing argument, weather lemurs are good pets, or if it’s better to leave them in the wild or in a zoo.

            In Madagascar, they had decided that keeping lemurs as pets was not a good idea. Since they are aware that lemurs are close to being an endangered species and go extinct, Madagascar decided to officially make it illegal to pouch lemurs or keep them as pets. The only problem now is that since their law is so jacked up right now, they aren’t enforcing this law, and the locals are still pouching lemurs, and keeping them as pets. “What is happening to the biodiversity of Madagascar is truly appalling, and the slaughter of these delightful, gentle and unique animals is simply unacceptable,” says Dr Russ Mittermeier, the president of Conservation International and one of the world’s foremost lemur experts. Dr Mittermeier calls for the international community to review their policy and help the conservation efforts in Madagascar as soon as possible. “The problem of illegal killing of lemurs in Madagascar will only be solved when authorities act and are empowered.”

Other countries on the other hand, have their own opinion on things, and some believe that it is okay to keep lemurs as pets. Why would it ever be okay to keep an endangered species in your home as a pet? Many people argue that their life is too boring, and that their homes are boring as well with dogs and cats as pets. It’s too normal for everyone, so they go out looking for an exotic pet, so that when friends and family come over for the holidays, they have something to show off to everyone. Lemurs are often picked because they are cute. The reason most lemur owners think it’s alright to keep a lemur as a pet is because they don’t only get one lemur, but two; one male, one female. They do this so they can breed them, have more baby lemurs, and then sell them for money. But of course, they aren’t breeding them for the money, they are helping out by increasing the population of lemurs. This can lead to many problems.

However, Madagascar doesn’t stand alone, and many people that live in other countries agree with Madagascar’s law. They believe that lemurs shouldn’t be kept as pets because they are an endangered species. They also say that most people who adopt a lemur don’t know what they are getting themselves into, mostly because of the expenses, and because of the behavior the lemurs have when kept in captivity.  Same goes with breeding. Owners think that it’s just as easy as breeding dogs, but what you have to realize, is if they were to keep breeding them, then the lemurs would be so closely related, that instead of  “helping the lemur population”, they would be creating genetically mutated lemurs, and possibly make matters worse.

Lemurs are endangered, and we do want to help them. Many people just get the wrong idea, but do it for with intentions.  Everyone has a different opinion on the argument of lemurs as pets, and that is why the argument is still going on today.  What would you vote for?

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