Please donate to these organizations to help save the biodiversity of Madagascar!

  • Madagascar Fauna Group (MFG): The MFG was created to establish a coordinated group through which zoological institutions and their partners could make meaningful contributions to conserving the habitat of Madagascar species they exhibited. This organization was established in 1988. The purpose of this organization is to help the biodiversity of Madagascar as a whole. In doing so, saving the lemurs. They start with providing environmental education to the youth, so they can participate and help. They have partnered with local communities to reforest degraded landscapes, continue to monitor offspring of released and monitor and report natural resource violations in Betampona Natural Reserve. Help by donating money or buying some of their merchandise!
  • The Association Européenne pour l’Etude et la Conservation des Lémuriens (AEECL): If you would rather donate to an organiaztion where you want to be sure that you will be helping lemurs, than this is the right organization! AEECL is more strict towards helping endagered lemurs in Madagascar. They help direct species of endagered lemurs, rather than a whole. Help by donating some money! To learn more about AEECL, go to their website.

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